Bankruptcy, Student Loans, Liens...can KnightFiCo remove them?

In short, absolutely!  We have successfully removed all of these items from credit reports for one simple reason, lack of proper record keeping on part of the debtor.  In addition, loans are often sold and re-sold, which leads to a loss of information, loss of promissory note, etc.  In addition, court records and documents often have gotten lost due to poor management.

KnightFiCo cannot guarantee the removal of any of these, but what we can guarantee is that we have done this for other clients in the past, and that we find a high probability of success in doing so.  We have done extensive research on how best to address these challenges to provide you maximum value for your investment in our services.  

Keep in mind, these items often hurt you the most, and often hurt you the longest.  Making an effort to at least attempt to have them removed, is often worth the investment.  We can assure you, that while it may take a number of months, we employ the most up to date and cutting edge procedures; challenging the court records, requiring legal verification and the subsequent proof, we even scrutinize the details of the signatures, timing, etc.  To date we have had clients who had student loans found to be fraudulently inflated, imposed illegal fees by collection companies contracted by the US Dept of Education, etc.  Do NOT have your tax return taken, or enter into any payment arrangement unless you are POSITIVE you are agreeing to what you owe.

If you find yourself with unpaid student loans, these will very likely not go away.  The sooner you face these issues, the better.  Allow us to be certain of the details of these debts, that they are still valid and that you are still legally liable.  Often we can stop the confiscation of your tax return, among other helpful actions.  Our objective is to be sure you owe ONLY what it truly your debt and can be proven.

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