I have THOUSANDS in debt, how can this monthly service fix this!?

KnightFiCo is a very unique service, unlike any other in the market today.  Some services merely offer "removal" of bad debt, but this is a very mysterious approach to repairing someones credit.

Fact is, federal law requires that no credit repair service dispute or attempt to remove valid debt.  If you're saying, "well, I have a credit card that had a lot on it and it was charged off", and this item does appear on your credit report, then what we must do is verify this is "valid".  Is the exact amount showing, the exact amount you owe?  Were you properly informed that this debt would be reported, according to the law?  Is the company who is reporting the debt, the company you had the debt with?  Can this company legally collect this debt from you?

This is where having a broad amount of expertise is very important, and this is what KnightFiCo can offer you.  We will scrutinize and determine what debt of yours is valid, and you likely will be very surprised by the success.  

Each case is different, but do NOT be discouraged by the size of the debt, whether or not you are simply familiar with the debt or not, etc.  Allow us to consult with you and make that choice.  It is our experience that many people file bankruptcy and incur very long term damage, when it may have not been necessary.  

Sometimes all you need is a good coach in your corner, and that's KnightFiCo!

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