Is the process difficult or does it require a lot of work?

For us, yes, for you the client, not really.  The initial signup process does require some back and forth communication to sign up for a few information accounts we need.  Once you provide us the access, then we can take over.  Most of this initial process takes maybe an hour of your time.

As the process of credit repair initiates, there will be some questions we ask about certain debts and items.  We will always be in contact, either by phone or email to update you and discuss the process.

As communications are sent out, you will begin to receive mail at your home address.  The most critical phase of that process, is that you quickly get that to KnightFiCo.  You can do this either by mail, by scanning into an email, by taking a bright clear phone picture, etc.  We simply need to be able to see the responses, read them, and obtain some data that you will receive.  This is HIGHLY critical to your success.

Aside from focusing on consistency and keeping your program going, doing some of this light lifting is all that is required.  You won't need to make phone calls, battle collectors, or do anything that requires specific expertise, that's what we do for YOU!  We truly focus on making this process as easy and convenient as possible.

Sign up today and experience just how easy it truly is, to find yourself on the right track with a great credit score and a positive future!