Knight addresses all FOUR Credit Bureaus?

That's right!  KnightFiCo is the ONLY credit repair and education system that addresses your credit image beyond the major 3 known bureaus.  When you utilize our services, we make it our priority to work to improve your image, through various additional agencies.  Many of these lesser known agencies, are actually some of the SOLE providers of information for mortgage lenders and major banks.  Often, because these agencies generate no "scoring" information, they go unnoticed by consumers.  In fact, here at Knight, we constantly research and update our system to understand the sources of information, and what's being reported about YOU, by these "for profit" companies.  NO credit repair and growth system provides this blanket of protection and investigative service, like Knight.


Very Important Information About Credit Bureaus You Must Understand!

There is a common misconception, among many of our new clientele.  This misconception is something KnightFiCo also found repeatedly, throughout case study research we've conducted, of common consumer financial market perspective; i.e. the layperson.  The misconception is, that consumers often believe that the Credit Bureaus are government based agencies, or government backed agencies, similar to the IRS or HUD.  

In fact, credit bureaus are simply private agencies which gather electronic information about YOU.  They gather this information by charging fees to companies, which can then report consumer information into a central database.  The "major" credit bureaus you've likely heard of are simply the best known. These agencies are the ones who have the longest standing and the most market share.

Knight has extensively researched the criteria and parameters in which various bureaus will allow a company to report consumer information.  TransUnion (still a privately owned company) has some of the easiest criteria.  A company with as little as 50 accounts reportable can be eligible to list their information with TransUnion.  On the opposite end of the scale, Experian doesn't define what the minimum to report is, but it's believed that it's a negotiable balance of size and cost per listing.  

The facts are, there is an actual governmental agency in place to monitor the activity of these bureaus, and it's those government entities which have empowered consumers, and services like KnightFiCo to protect you.

The sooner you take control of your financial situation, and the sooner you take control of what these companies are saying about you, the better!  In order to truly obtain the things in life, that give your life security and stability; things like a house, a new car with a warranty, or even take a family vacation but spread the cost of that vacation over time, then you MUST act now.  Step 1 to getting your credit back in positive control, is to enlist the services of KnightFiCo, it'll be the smartest investment you've ever made.

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