Real Results: The client with a decade of bad credit (student loans)

Many people we speak to at our free education seminars, feel good credit is only available to those with a lot of income.  Many also feel that they are too damaged or beyond repair.  This discourages them from taking steps and many of our clients have had bad credit for a decade, or MORE.  

Let us show you some actual client results and the time lines involved:

Case 1:

This client once had much more damaged credit, but with the knowledge of student loans, old credit cards and various defaulted cell phone contracts, they threw in the towel.  One day, I met this client and said, "Hey, you know I can fix your credit for you?"  They responded with a "really, how?"

There is often immediate skepticism that starts with the ideas like:

  1. I am tight on money and there are thousands of dollars in debts on my credit...I can't pay that.
  2. My credit is damaged and there are so many things on there, it won't work
  3. I'm going to have to do a lot of work and I just don't have the energy

So, I looked at this clients credit and initially, I thought..."oh, simple!"

credit repair example 1


So, what we have here is a client who saw his credit score at random as "bad" and had allowed enough years to pass that old debts were gone.  What remained were an abundance of student loans in default.

I signed this person and we got to work.  The student loans had vulnerabilities in reporting, which I immediately called into question.  I asked for various documentation, promissory notes, etc.  I worked to update various information on this clients report, then challenge various aspects of the debts that were fact based.

Jump forward a few months and check the results

student loan removal credit repair


So, within just 3 months we had removed from this clients credit report, what represented over 4,000.00 in defaulted loan accounts.  We did that, all for the monthly fee to KnightFiCo of $119.95.  This is why I created this business...return on investment for the client.  This client was overjoyed, but we weren't done yet.

The two remaining loans, though reporting negative, had some good aspects to them.  They gave the client history, though they counted against their overall score.  At this stage, I went to work to request that the amounts themselves be fully documented.  What ended up taking place was, the amounts owed were changed to $0.00, but the reporting of a current loan account remained.  This negative, became a positive.

In the summer of 2017, the client took a break, due to a move, so our process was halted.  In September 2017, the client resigned with us to finish the process.  We directed the client to a new credit source, and combined with the amended loans, this was the result:

student loan removal credit



As you can see above.  The 2 remaining loan accounts are there, but reporting positive.  Combined with a new credit line, this client is now eligible to take the next step.  This process represented approximately $719.70 of services via KnightFiCo, spanning 11 months.  We were able to remove and/or reorient reporting debts of nearly $10,000.00.  This client is now on a different trajectory.  


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