The gift that keeps on giving. Invest in YOU!

KnightFiCo was created with one very simple mission.  Educate, protect and empower YOU!  We want all our clients, to never need our services again.  While many businesses want repeat customers, we are the opposite.  We want you to never need us again.  

To insure that is the case, we will work hard to educate you, guide you, and resolve your credit issues.  We will provide advice, stop debt collection, work to help you preserve your tax return; do whatever we can to make you a wiser consumer and a better money manager.  We want to pass our knowledge on to you, so that you may pass it on to others around you.  Knowledge is power and we want you to give that gift to others.  We want you to then have the confidence to tell others, that if they need expertise like ours, to partner with us and enlist our services.

68 million people in this country have a credit score that is considered very poor.  We intend to do our part to change that.  All we need is you.

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