Will KnightFiCo repair both of us? Is it necessary?

All people carry individual credit files, married or not.  Anyone attempting to purchase a house, a car, or build a life together will be considered by lenders based upon their individual credit files.  For this reason, anyone with whom you are married, or in a living arrangement with, will also need to have "good credit".

Given that fact, repairing two credit profiles, requires two individual cases files for KnightFiCo to manage.  We understand that, even a monthly service which provides a great return on investment (ROI) and benefit, immediate short term cost is always a consideration.  Therefore, KnightFiCo offers a two party discount, to help encourage those in partnership situations.  This means, a husband and wife, a brother and sister, business partners, life partners, or even close roommates, can consult KnightFiCo's services as one.  See here for that option.

If a decision must be made to enlist the services for one person, KnightFiCo suggests that the stronger financial partner (income, length of employment, head of household) be the one to initiate first.

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