Will my Credit Score immediately go up?

Will my credit score immediately go up, once I enlist the service?  That depends on a number of credit report and debt factors, so let's explain further.

Our clients experience a debt recovery curvature which is quite similar, but the phases in which this occurs is often unique.  The fact is, your various credit scores are based upon a variety of input factors.  Factors like late payment, length of history, amount of debt, type of debt, etc, all play a different role.  For some, we can impact factors which are of more significance, more quickly than others.  Some clients do see immediate rises in credit score, but are still "high risk" from a lending perspective.

The truth of the matter is, CONSISTENCY in your repair process is of utmost importance.  We will get you there, as a client you just need to stay determined.  In our experience, the path to recovery to creditworthiness, on some level, is often 5-8 months.  It is during that repair phase that we will educate you, equip you and direct you to as many positive solutions as possible, in order to extend that path continually, on your own.

KnightFiCo's goal is to provide you a foundation on which you can build your future.  It's our goal for clients to be retained for less than a year, which makes your monthly investment in our services a no-brainer, in terms of return.  We WILL help you climb, help you see a better path, help you obtain new credit and help you change your life!  That's our promise!

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