I don't want to sign a contract though!

Let KnightFiCo be the first to inform you, federal law requires that NO credit repair or consultation company can lock you into a contract of any kind.  You are free to cancel, at any time with the notice required within your agreement.  The only reason any notice is required, is that by Federal Law, we are required to perform the work FIRST, before you pay for anything.

To explain further, KnightFiCo performs all work on your client file BEFORE your monthly payment is due.  We will email you directly, outline what has been done, and what actions are taken on your behalf.  It is at that time, that your payment will be due.

No service that deals with credit representation can charge you first, then perform services after.  Even with our sign up, your payment authorization is only held, until the initial work is performed.  Once the work is completed, the payment is then deducted from your payment source.

Therefore, if your payment date is approaching, KnightFiCo may have already completed the work for your upcoming month, at which point, you must cancel AFTER that payment is made.  What we recommend is notifying KnightFiCo 10 days prior to your next payment date, to insure nothing further is owed.

Lastly, we will point out, that each month when your payment becomes due, you are sent an email with a link to pay.  We NEVER automatically deduct, but instead offer you the ability to input your payment.  Many recurring services, such as gym memberships, online video streaming services and others use an autobilling method. This often leads to months and months of services being charged.  We simply want our clients to understand that if you truly WANT to repair your credit and your life, YOU must take that step each month.  We repeat throughout the process that consistency is the key.

Sign up today and invest in your future!