KnightFiCo Setup Checklist

Thank you for enrolling in Knight Financial Combinator credit enhancement
The next steps in your initial enrollment are:

For the next actions to proceed, the following steps must be taken as soon as possible.  This will be the most complicated step of your process, so rest easy once completed.  Please complete the steps one by one below, so that KnightFiCo can immediately move forward on your behalf, without delay.  Please note, the steps below, as a last resort, can be also completed on a traditional copy machine and sent to the address at the bottom of this page.  For quickest results, follow the steps below.


KnightFiCO credit repair service setup


Knight FiCo credit services


KnightFiCo Damian Nunimaker


We recognize you may have done some, or all of these items already.  Thank you.

Steps above allow KnightFiCo to stand on your behalf, should we need to act or react to something we see in your process.  The signature you provide will ALWAYS match the signature KnightFiCo uses and will be digitally transposed on communications that are outgoing.  We can also see immediate results that take place through the above accounts, should you not receive response letters.  Even if they don't respond, this doesn't mean there wasn't a result.

Anticipate receiving results from one or more credit agencies, via mail, within approximately 3 weeks from the time the steps above are taken. These communications may state that "suspicious activity" or "suspicious requests were received", therefore no investigation on their part will take place.  These are initial tactics by the credit bureaus used to reduce disputes initiated and reinforce their own position.  Please forward these results to KnightFiCo immediately, so they can be added to your action file.

Also anticipate receiving updated copies of your credit report.  The report will contain a specific code, which pertains to your internal file within the bureau.  KnightFiCo will only require you provide this once, but is required to move forward in the process.  In order to do so, forward the first two pages of these reports to KnightFiCo immediately.  You can forward this by mail, email scans, or even taking pictures of the pages in good light/good resolution and then forwarding them to the data line.

Please take a moment to read our terms and conditions on the KnightFiCo website, if you have enrolled in the pre-launch period of the website, a copy of the terms and conditions will be emailed to you.

All questions, in relation to this early process, will be handled by myself directly (Damian Nunimaker). Please note that, you may be in contact with other members of the KnightFiCo team as time passes.


Referrals:  If you refer someone to KnightFiCo while you are in our process, you will receive a 25.00 credit off of your next monthly payment.  Note that married/life partner couple referrals count as one, as we offer a discount to those who qualify.  Referrals help this business grow so that others can be helped through this process. We invest more into the evolving process of credit repair representation, and also helps others restore their rights and gain their lives back by being able to reach their goals and pursue a better life.


Thank you for your business, and KnightFiCo looks forward to being that pivotal point in your path to newfound success and access to credit services!


Damian Nunimaker


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c/o Damian Nunimaker

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